Thursday, July 19, 2012


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

TV blues

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The All Blacks win over Ireland, but my wife pulled the plug on our satellite TV last year after the world cup. Too much TV bad for our son, but I think she is just mad I was spending money.

It was the first test match I missed in 5 years. Not the same just reading about it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


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I was kind of busy, but Ritchie really wanted to have his photo taken with me. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cory Jane in the House!

And the last in our art school student sketch project is Cory Jane. Check it out!

1. This kid spent more time on the sketch than on the test!

2. Not bad, in a fuzzy way.

3. Cory is way better looking than this.

4. A bit like Ritchie McCaw

5. Simple, and does look like him.

6. Like this one too.

7. Hosea Gear shows up again.

8. This was Cory when he was 12 years old.

9. Not bad.

10. Simple is best.

11. Cory as a Zombie.

12. I think this one rocks. It is my favorite.

13. Cory after too many beers.

14. Cory the Zombie, part 2.

15. Bonzai!

16. Is it just me or does this look like David Pocock?

17. Cory the Super Zombie King. Captions says "Wa ha ha ha Mark!" Maybe he is gonna eat my brains?

18. Cory with his best Andrew Hore imitation.

19. Caption mentions Cory's white teeth.

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Neemia Tialata Time!

Time for the Twitter King Neemia Tialata. Above is the original. Here are what the art school kids came up with.

1. Not too bad. Hair is too neat though.

2. Teacher's pet. Trying to kiss ass.

3. I like this one too. Rough, but so is Neyza.

4. Graphic art student. Tried to make a logo that says "Rugby", except that he spelled it "Lugby". Man, who is the idiot teaching these kids?

5. I like this one too. Classic Japanese cheeks.

6. Cool, but looks like Hosea Gear.

7. Otoko means "man".

8. Ah, Neemia is not Japanese.

9. Nice one. Beard is a bit too much, though.

10. Not sure why, but I like this one a lot.

11. My wife's name is Moe-chan. I guess Neyza loves her. Can't say I blame him.

12. My name is Mark, in case you didn't know.

13. This is the BEST! I want to make a t-shirt from this design. I am gonna ask the kid to sell the rights!

14. Check out them Doctor Spock ears.

15. Is that a rose growing out of Neyza's neck?

16. Not bad, but looks a little wimpy to be an All Black.

17. Young!

18. This looks like somebody, just can't figure it out. Any ideas?

Stay tuned for Cory Jane next!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If Piri Weepu was a Japanese Comic

I hope that this makes Piri Weepu smile. I did it out of total respect, and if any of the sketches are insulting, no disrespect intended.

I teach English at an art college in Japan. For the final test, since many of my students finish early, I like to give a bonus point if they sketch something. For the test today I used this recent photo of Piri.

I put it on the test with these instructions.

And here are some of the results! Enjoy!

1. Looks more like Rene Ranger.

2. Poor kid had no time to do the eyes!

3. Roughly translates to "I couldn't really think of anything."

4. Translates to "Does this look like him?" but really it is a self portrait.

5. Very simple, but I kind of like it.

6. Class clown did this one.

7. Not even close! Looks more like Carl Hayman!

8. This one is my favorite. This kid gets an A!

9. I have no idea either, don't ask.

10. Looks more like Jedthian.

11. Ahhh, Piri is Maori, not Mexican.

12. I am a bit worried about this kid.

13. Looks like somebody...just not Piri.

14. Simple is best. No so sure about the bird, though.

15. This one rocks. Captures that Piri Weepu we all love.

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